With the creation of humans, religion immediately followed. Such was the plan of the creator. We do not find any evidence of religion in the subhuman forms of life. This universal concept has existed amongst all cultures, and civilizations. It was this universal presence of belief in the whole world that convinced many an atheist, at least to a degree, that this is a very strong and potent reason why we must respect the possibility of the existence of God.

Why is it that the idea of God, and religion can be found all over the world and in all ages? This is one argument that reasonably convinces us to ponder and entertain the existence of God.

Turn to the continent of Australia where the Aboriginals are known to have one of the longest and continuous civilizations. Some scholars date the origin of their civilization to some forty-thousand years. The Australian Aboriginals were divided into 600 independent tribes. Each tribe had their own language and customs which were exclusive to them. The tribes would very seldom interact, and thus there was an extremely limited flow of ideas – including religious and theological concepts – that spread amongst the tribes.

In other words, each tribe was unique and different in their own. However, they all shared one common characteristic: their belief in a single Supreme Creator – God.

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