In Islam there is only one God and Allah is the Arabic name for that Divine being. Allah has revealed himself to mankind through His messengers (prophets), from the very first moment that human intellect was able to conceive the notion of God. Allah has revealed to mankind that He has no partner, nor does He have any biological children or anything like unto Him. Allah is the perfect and peerless being who is the Creator, Sustainer and Master of the universe.

He is All-Powerful, and All-Knowing. His Knowledge comprehends all things and there is nothing that is outside His power. Indeed, He has many attributes, and while many of these describe His power and glory. His beauty and mercy are also described in great length in the Quran, in which it is said that Allah is the Most Merciful, the Great Forgiver, the Pardoner, the Emancipator, and of course, the Hearer of Prayer. The Most High, The Most Noble, The Great, The Creator – such is Allah, Lord of all the worlds; of all creatures and all realms.

It is Allah alone who is the creator and sustainer of mankind, the heavens and the earth, and all that is in between. It is to this God, that Islam invites mankind; a God that brings hope and inspires love, and plays a living role in the everyday life of every single being on earth – including the reader. His Providence is not confined to a particular people, age or country. He is the Sustainer of all peoples, of all ages, of all places and of all countries. He is the fountainhead of all grace. Every physical and spiritual power is bestowed by Him, and the whole universe is sustained by Him and He is the support of all. God’s grace comprehends all peoples, all countries and all ages, lest any people should complain that God bestowed His bounties upon others, but not upon them, or that others received a Book from Him for their guidance, but they did not, or that in other ages He manifested Himself through His revelation, inspiration and miracles, but that He remained hidden in their age. By bestowing His grace upon all He obviated all these objections and out of His vast qualities He did not deprive any people or any age of His physical or spiritual bounties.

The Being of God is transcendental and is most secret and cannot be discovered by the power of human reasoning alone. No argument can prove it conclusively, inasmuch as reason can travel only so far that contemplating the universe it feels the need of a Creator. But the feeling of a need is one thing and it is quite another to arrive at the certainty that the God, Whose need has been felt, does in fact exist. As the operation of reason is defective, incomplete and doubtful, a philosopher cannot recognize God purely through reason. Most people who try to determine the existence of God purely through the exercise of reason, in the end are led to disbelief. Reflecting over the creation of the heavens and the Earth does not avail them much and they begin to deride and laugh at the men of God.

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