Nationwide exhibition

A Nationwide exhibition in over 1,000 towns and cities is setting the stage to educate, and raise awareness about the true teachings of Islam, its commonalities with other faiths, unique features, and how it leads to a life of peace, serenity, and fulfillment.

1,000 Towns

Experience the captivating exhibition coming to over 1,000 towns in Canada.

I SHALL cause thY message to reach the corners of the earth.


Lord of All the Worlds

The One God of All Time

In Islam there is only One God, and Allah is the Arabic name for that Divine Being. Allah has revealed himself to mankind through His messengers (prophets), from the very first moment that human intellect was able to conceive the notion of God. Allah has revealed to mankind that He has no partner, nor does He have any biological children or anything like unto Him. Allah is the perfect and peerless being who is the Creator, Sustainer and Master of the universe. He is All-Powerful and All-Knowing. His Knowledge comprehends all things and there is nothing that is outside His power.


The Bringers of Truth

Prophets Are the Messengers of Allah

Prophets are individuals sent by God during dark periods of moral decline, to bring people back to God. Prophets are those exceedingly rare persons whom God has granted extraordinary spiritual capacities, similar to how some individuals are born with special physical abilities.

This spiritual capacity to have communion with God is not something supernatural that only prophets possess though, rather this is the province of all mankind, and indeed is the purpose for which mankind was created – to hold communion with the Divine. However, though spiritual faculties and the ability to advance in cognition of God is latent within all people, these spiritual capacities are at their apex within prophets of God…

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The Root of All Religion

Islam, along with all the other monotheistic religions, was revealed from the same One God (Allah) to mankind. Revelation to Prophets is where religions begin. The Creator, Allah, knows which practices and ways of living are best for his creation and what enables them to achieve success, here, peace within oneself and within society).


Guidance for the Righteous

Religion is a framework and a set of guidelines given by the Creator to His creation, in order to live the most successful life on an individual basis and as a collective society. The intricacies and broad spectrum of human life demand a manual from the maker, to give human beings a code by which to live by; a code which covers…


The Creator’s words

The Qu’ran is the only surviving verbatim word of God that exists today. It is also the Most updated word of guidance from the creator as it is the most comprehensive in dealing with all the nuances of human existence. Muslims get all of their instructions on how to live life in every way from this source.

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